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Carolyn is now offering a 1-day silent experience, called Silent Aha!s. Scary, right? Truly you will fall in love with silence…if you are willing (and a tiny bit brave) to give it a try.cc_silentaha_960x600_sm
Silent Aha! Details Here!

Camp news:  

2017 camp 1  spots left–reserve your space today! (Waiting list will be started after that.)


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” Buddha


It’s time to treat yourself (or have someone else treat you)… to an experience that will energize your life and feed your spirit.

It’s time to give to yourself…and to practice being your own best friend.

It’s time to have a bit more fun…because have you noticed that most adults have forgotten how to play? (Have you accidentally become one of those adults?)

If any of these ideas strike a chord, you are ready for Women’s Aha! Camp.

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Camp Details Here!
For the past 12 years I have been creating retreats and workshops for women like you and me. Women who are strong and brave and exhausted by the lives we have created. Lives that serve everyone… except not always us.

I believe you deserve to live a magnificent life…a life that includes you, your dreams and your desires. I know there are endless pathways to that life for you (even if you can’t think of one). At camp my facilitators and I help women feed their spirits and improve their lives.

You can get all of that and more at camp! So check it out and get your space saved.

Join me in going for a better version of you and your life–and sharing some fun along the journey,


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