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Updated photos, videos and details for 2017 will be out after we revise our website for better mobile viewing. In the meantime, take a gander at last year’s camp to get a feel for the magic of adult camp. You will love it!

Camp Wisdom Sessions

“I love camp so much! Every year I attend I learn more and meet the most wonderful women. I have grown so much through the experience I have had a camp. I don’t know where I would be without it!” Kristine

women gaining wisdom and growing roots

 2016 “Lighten Your Load” Sessions:

Light Your Way by Carolyn Casey
Who are you really? By now you know you are not your job, your parents/kids/partner or your jean size or wrinkles–all very distracting.

You, and each of us, are the light, shining our own unique and important aspect of goodness in this world. This session will help you identify, honor and reflect your shining light. No matter where you go or what you do.

Laughing at Life by Karen Pedersen
Are you quick to laugh…or is life too serious to take lightly? Good news: sense of humor is not inherited; it is created and it is malleable! No matter what comes naturally to you, laughter can be your saving grace. Learn to laugh in new ways and at unexpected times/situations. Come fill your life with laughter. (Because laughter is more fun!)

Let It Go by Kayla-Leah Richgroup laughing 4 people
Life happens…and unexpected events can pierce our hearts and start our minds spinning in endless loops. Not fun! What if in the midst of turmoil you could stop the madness in your mind and return to peace? This session is designed to give you an arsenal of tools to stop spinning and find your calm in the midst of life’s storms.

Beach Fun by YMCA staff
This surprise session will be revealed to you on the shores of the gorgeous Horsethief Reservoir. (Don’t worry, no bikini necessary–that wouldn’t be fun for most of us, would it?!)

2014-09-13 10.50.19Treasure Chest of Loving Kindness by YOU(!)
We are our own worst enemies, and we don’t have to be! If you can use scissors and a glue stick and know how to color, then you are ready to create your own treasure chest full of loving kindness. You will be guided through this process to determine your own version of kindness to fill your treasure chest. (No artsy fartsy experience needed!)

“You have an ability to combine so many types of women and have them all complement and enhance and learn from each other.” Stef

NOTE: We reserve to right to insert/upgrade/change camp Wisdom Sessions while always keeping a fun spirit and great life learning.

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Camp Fun

Every year we do a different Ropes Challenge Course event. The truth is our best life doesn’t come when we are cozily entrenched in our comfort zone. It also doesn’t come when we are put in our zone of terror.  The Challenge Ropes Course is designed to help you move to the middle ground, your zone of growth, where your insights can inspire and delight you.

IMG_6671S2014-09-12 15.08.14et in an old-growth forest, there are a range of activities, from simple walking exercises to activities up in the air–all designed to take you past your previous barriers and beliefs.

The best part is, you decide which activities you will participate in and which you will simply observe.

“Energetic, but each participant was only encouraged to do what they felt comfortable doing…no guilt ever!” Glory

             Camp Self-Care & Compassion

Most women are fabulous at taking care of others.

Great news:  camp is an extreme self-care experience full of take-home tools to keep women thriving in the midst of life’s busyness and chaos. At camp you are going to learn to nurture yourself and follow your heart. When we carry heavy loads in life, we carry them in our minds and in our emotions and in our bodies. This year’ self-care options are designed to help you release your “stuff” on many levels.

women relaxing a river's edgeSelect from one of our yummy options…or make up your own:

Toe Reading by Sonya Stockhaus–turns out your life story is being recorded by your feet (who knew?)…exotic sounding and incredibly insightful.   A favorite from past camps–a must to experience!

Tapping by Vicki Hurst–Vicki is a favorite past camp facilitator who continues to work with campers “tapping” away old beliefs and thought patterns that sabotage and block them from getting what they want. You will love the immediate insights & results!

Massage  by Emily Witsil–Let Emily help you release the stress and tiredness out of your body with a regenerative massage. “I believe ardently in the power of kind and informed touch to help balance and provide the opportunity each of us need to heal ourselves, and combat environmental stressors.”

Sacred Spiritual Sojourn by Virginia Beringer–New to camp this year, Virginia draws upon ancient global healing wisdom and tools, guided by her intuition, to help you release your blocks and reconnect with your inner wisdom and guidance. Powerful, nurturing experience.

Forest Romps, Art, a nap (!)–endless options to be invented

“I really enjoyed the ‘self time.’ I don’t seem to get very much of ‘me’ time when I’m not stressing about family/commitment needs. This was nice to not have that over the weekend in this beautiful location.” Anonymous camper

Note: We reserve to right to insert/upgrade/change Self-Care Providers to ensure you have great choices each year.

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