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Carolyn Casey | Aha! Facilitator | Author | Speaker

Carolyn profile shotCarolyn understands women and delights in bringing women wisdom that feeds their spirits and helps them improve their lives. Her passion and expertise in this area has been demonstrated through her 20 years as a Fortune 500 executive, creating a corporate women’s retreat and helping start a women’s network at Hewlett-Packard that helped change the way women viewed and treated themselves, and the way they were treated in their lives, both at work and in their homes.

Since leaving the corporate world over ten years ago, Carolyn co-authored a workshop series on how to win the toughest customers (who are, of course, women!) and traveled the country delivering keynote speeches & training financial advisers to work effectively and successfully with female clients.

Carolyn specializes in teaching and relating ideas in a light and fun fashion allowing people to relax, laugh, open their minds and learn new life approaches that lead to living a happier, more fulfilling life.

The most powerful tool Carolyn uses in her own life is silence. In 2007 Carolyn began offering overnight silent retreats in McCall, Idaho, and is delighted she has found a way to make silence accessible to the Treasure Valley via 1-day experiences. So much can becomes clear in just a day of silence!

Another one of Carolyn’s delights is work around male-female relationships. She believes women and men are a perfect fit for one another—once they understand and accept how different they are. And the best part is, no one is broken.

From her extensive travels Carolyn knows that people everywhere most want to be happy in their romantic relationships. Her book, He’s Not Your Girlfriend, How To Understand Men In Love & Thrive In Your Relationship tickles men and women alike as she uses humor and a light approach to explain how men “do” love relationships and why they never respond the way a woman’s best girlfriend would. (This, she claims, explains everything!) Full of simple solutions and approaches to relationships of all kinds (dating, living together and marriage), He’s Not Your Girlfriend is a powerful tool for bringing fun and lightheartedness to relationships.

Beyond her book, Carolyn’s camps, retreats and workshops bring “aha!s” and happier day-in-day-out living to women. 

Carolyn looks forward to bringing some lightness to your life.