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What happens at camp…

We are thrilled with the feedback and resounding Facebook firestorm we received from our 2016 Women’s Aha! Camp. The best feedback is that over half of the campers signed up to return to camp in 2017!

Amazing women came together with generous hearts and spirits. We laughed and grew ourselves and had great fun while building new friendships in the process.

We have only ONE SPOT (!!!) left for 2017. (A waiting list will be started after that spot is taken.) This must mean something good is going on at Women’s Aha! Camp.

2017 Camp Sign Up

Don’t wait–sign up now so you can experience the magic that happens at Women’s Aha! Camp.

Pay in full or put down your deposit today to save your space (before they are all gone!) and arrange for payments.

Camp Payment Options:
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Updated photos, videos and details for 2017 will be out soon as we redo our website to make it easier for mobile phone viewing. (About time, right?!). In the meantime, take a gander at last year’s camp to get a feel for the magic of adult camp. You will love it!

2016 Camp Theme: “Lighten Your Load”

Most women are Wonder Women or Wonder Women in Training or Retired Wonder Women. (Can you relate?)

There is a price to a lifetime of heroic living–us, our peace of mind and sometimes even our health. This year we will Lighten Your Load so you have less stress, less baggage weighing you down and less excess on your daily To Do List.

Are you ready for some fun?

Have you put your life on hold for kids, parents, work, the dog(!)?

Are you a woman who gives and gives and gives?

Has it been too long since you’ve had a new adventure?

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Here’s your  Women’s Camp Permission Slip–great to use with family or yourself (!).